When going to prom, you need to look your best. This means having dress, shoes, purse and jewelry all in matching colors and style. Doing this is not always as easy as you might think, but it all starts with choosing a dress first. As it usually turns out to be, this can be the toughest choice you have to make. In order to help you with this, we've taken a look at what has been hot on red carpets in past few months. Don't worry, most of the dresses can be found at wholesale dresses offers almost everywhere and getting them won’t cost you a small fortune. Actually, if you look at the right places, you could buy them for a fraction of cost.

There is really only one rule when picking a dress – make it as simple as you can. Another thing to have in your mind – most of these usually can be found at prom dresses under 100 dollars offers online.

Let’s think about colors. Will red dress suit you or not? Is black your perfect color? Should you consider something else or maybe a combination of colors?

Take a look at what Rihanna had at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Simple light red dress, some jewelry and a smile is a winning combination in this case. Nothing complicated about this dress, it’s elegant and needs no additional accessories.

You may want to consider something like Jennifer Lopez or Catherine Zeta Jones had back in 2011 – don't worry, those dresses never went out of style, they are still modern and will make you queen of the night for sure.




If you're not fan of the red, let's move on. Take a look at some black dresses. Let’s go back to 2013 Grammy Awards once again with Jennifer Lopez, black dress, matching shoes and just a touch of jewelry – modern, elegant, stunning looking.

You can also find some inspiration with this 2009 Catherine Zeta Jones model she had at A Little Night Music opening night, or you might like or you might like Rihanna’s 2009 dress from the NOKIA X6 Launch Party in London. You do need some matching jewelry in these cases but the goal is not to look exactly the same – it's your prom after all.



If you're not fan of red or black, you might want to take a look at something a bit different, well matched color combinations can be perfect choice for prom. Here is Kate Beckinsale dress from 2012 Grammy Awards, a bit of black with white cocktail dress matched with black shoes; simply gorgeous.


All models shown here can be found on various cheap prom dresses websites. They also come in different colors. If you want to look best for your prom – as you certainly should, be sure to do some checking in advance. You might be surprised by the price of last year models and you will definitely be surprised by some offers on models that were hot two or three years back. Remember, these older models are still hot, ask around and have a happy shopping!

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