You don't get to go to a prom too often, right? You have to look your best, right again. Making a choice for prom night dress isn't always easy. Should you pick black or maybe white? Or maybe something in between? Yes the choice isn't easy at all, it's even harder when you have limited budget. In order to help you a bit we have done some of our own research on some great looking cheap prom dresses.

If you are fond of white color please check out what Charlize Theron was wearing for 2013 Oscar Awards.

This is simple, elegant and really adorable dress for any Snowwhite to wear at the prom. You will need white shoes, some matching jewellery and you are ready to go. You can also find yourself a dress like Amy Adams had at Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2014, gorgeous looking, simple design and jet so beautiful. Nothing beats the white color. You can find both at various prom dresses under 100$ offers all over the internet.

If you think black is your color be sure to check Rachel Smith Black Mermaid Dress  she had at 2014 Oscars Awards

or Penelope Cruz black dress she had worn at 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.


These are totally different from each other but they also speak a lot about ladies – they are beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy.  And both dresses do not require you to have expensive jewellery, as earrings will be enough. As with previous two those also can be found at various cheap prom dresses websites, so be sure to check there.


If you don't “see” yourself wearing any of the above dresses continue looking, you may like Camila Alves dress from 2011 Oscar Party.

It's a bit provocative – but not too much, and it needs no jewelry or any accessories. This dress can be perfect choice for any prom night. Same can be said for Lily Collins 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party dress. Those two are neither black nor white but they still can very much make you the queen of the prom.


Proms are important events of our lives and number one priority for all is to look best. Should you spend a small fortune to look your best? Not necessarily, as you can find amazing clothing for your Prom for a fraction of cost all over internet or some stores in your area.

You may not see yourself in white dress, or maybe the black isn't exactly the color you feel comfortable in when it comes to proms. However, the most important thing is that you choose the dress that will suit you and your budget and you should feel comfortable in it when sitting, dancing, etc. One thing is certain, you can find great dresses at any of the wholesale dresses offers that can be found online today, all you have to do is search for them. So wait no longer, and start your quest!



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