Prom nights are special parts of our lives and we need to look special. When thinking about proms people usually think about the money needed to prepare for the event. Having tight budget doesn't mean you will have to go to prom in a second rated dress – not anymore. Thanks to wholesale prom dresses offers that are available on the internet nowadays you can look your best even without spending more than a couple hundred dollars. 

Let’s make a quick check on what can be found in a short prom dresses “department”. Take a look at Marisa Miller

short mini dress from 2009 Grammy Awards. Or you may like what Guliana Rancic had at 54th annual GRAMMY Awards.




If you still think that those two are not what you are looking for then you should take a look at Rihanna's royal blue dress from Verizon & Blackberry Pre-Grammy Party back in 2008. All three of those dresses can make you look gorgeous as they don't require much accessories and can go with almost any pair of shoes you might already have. The best part is that all three also fit in prom dresses under 100 dollars category.

If you are not so fond of short dresses, you can also find some more traditional looking gowns. For example take a look at Padma Lakshmi or Taylor Schilling white prom dresses and also don't forget to check Carrie Preston dress, all three are from 2013 Emmy Awards and all were worn at red carpet arrivals. Those will satisfy any traditional type of taste and they are all gorgeous and will make you feel like Snow white – can you ask for more? As price goes, those don't quite fall in prom dresses under 100 dollars category but will fit any pocket.




If you're still not satisfied with what we have shown you here, let’s check some other styles that may better suit your taste. Are you fond of yellow? Check what Renee Bargh was wearing at 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – you'll need matching shoes and some jewelry with this dress. Or maybe you like more what Claire Danes had at 2012 Emmy Awards, simple yet elegant dress with matching shoes – need we say more? Anna Faris was also wearing yellow at 2013 Emmy Awards – what do you think, can you imagine yourself wearing yellow at the prom? Can you imagine having yellow prom dress for as low as 100 dollars? You should really check prom dresses under 100 dollars offers.





If you still haven't found a dress for you in what was shown here, just keep looking, there are lots of cheap prom dresses on various online sales. You can check under last year’s red carpet selection but also be sure to check what was hot a few years back. As said at the beginning, proms are special and having limit on your spending doesn't mean you shouldn't look special. You will find a perfect dress that will make you look astonishing. Have fun shopping.



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