Owning a formal wear shop creates the challenge of stocking your store with merchandise that the people are likely to want to be wearing. You want to have styles, sizes, and colors that are going to sell easily.

The Glamorous Look

You simply must have at least one version of the gown Anne Hathaway wore at the Met Gala in 2014. The stunning, floor length ensemble was a Calvin Klein original, and it is sexy, alluring, tantalizing, and yet it is something that younger women and older women alike can wear. It is strapless, floor length, and slit to the mid-thigh region, with the slit being off-set to one side. It is amazing.

The Floor Length Cinderella Look

The classic Cinderella look that Sarah Jessica Parker sported in a stunning black bodice with stark white skirt, is a must have in any formal shop. Almost every little girl has dreamed of being Cinderella going to the ball, and the style of this dress brings back these fantasies. When a girl goes to prom, she is able to live her fantasy of being Cinderella. Be sure that you have some version of this dress style in your shop.


The Marilyn Monroe Classic

The image of Marilyn Monroe standing poised in her sleeveless dress, with the billowing skirt blowing up, is something that almost every woman can imagine when they think of a short, sexy dress. When a girl is choosing her prom dress style, she uses the images in her mind of the many different dresses she has seen worn by stars, and she chooses dresses that emulate looks she has always thought were seductive, breathtaking, and stunning.

Be sure that you have something in stock that replicates this classic look, because it will never go out of style, and will always be a go-to dress for many people shopping for formal wear.

Know the Local School Dress Codes

When you operate a store that sells formal wear that girls, or guys, may choose to wear to high school proms, and dances, make certain you are aware of the local school dress codes. You can get a copy of any guidelines, or codes that the school has from the school administration office. This will allow you to make certain that you have some styles of gowns that the girls will be able to wear to their event.

You can even post the dress codes in the store, or make a book of them and keep it under the counter, so that parents, and the girls, may refer to the codes from their school when they are shopping. This could save a girl from selecting, and paying for a gown that she will not be able to wear to her dance.

The styles mentioned above are all classic looks that fit in any area, but you will have to do a little research, and find out what is most popular in the area you are in. One way to get some good suggestions is to open a FaceBook or Twitter account and simply ask the public.

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