Each year as dress shops around the country plan for the upcoming prom and formal wear seasons the shop owners are asking the same question, will more people be wearing short prom dresses, or long prom dresses this year.

Stocking your retail shop with affordable styles that are fashionably correct for the upcoming events are often considered to be a stressful time for many shopkeepers. Your selection of gowns from your suppliers will determine the amount of profits you make, and surprisingly, your selections will also influence many of the decisions the girls make about what they are going to wear.

Long Dresses were a hit at the Met Gala this year

The red carpet events have been dominated by long formals this year, and most of the time you can use what the stars are wearing at these events to determine what will be the most popular at local proms, and formal dances.

At the Met Gala Hailee Steinfeld wowed people with a floor length gown that was striking with a white center stripe and black accent sides. The bodice fit close to the body, and the skirt flared out. The look was tantalizing. A version of this amazing gown, with a shorter skirt, will likely be seen at several proms this year. The color combinations that could be applied to make the possibilities of customizing this gown are endless. Parents and school officials will love the fact that the gown is not cut low in the front, so it is modest, demure, and acceptable.



Short Prom Dresses are more popular in warmer states

In the warmer, southern states, the short prom dresses are chosen more frequently than they are in the cooler northern areas. This is due to the weather conditions. The hotter, more humid conditions in areas like Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida make the wearing of shorter, thinner dresses more comfortable.

Many of the girls from the southern states like to take dress styles they see from the red carpet events and shorten them, so they are more comfortable for them to wear.


One thing that you can do is buy the long styled evening gowns that have the capabilities of being shortened. Hire a professional seamstress to shorten your gowns according to the customer preference.

A gown like the one worn by Carrie Brickmore at the Australian Logie awards is perfect because the bodice fits snugly and the skirt flares. Flaring skirts are easier to shorten and still retain a good look to them.

Every shopkeeper has the same problems deciding exactly what merchandise to stock each year. If you choose the right things, your profits will be high, but if you choose the wrong items, you are likely to wind up taking a loss for the year. Pay attention to what the stars are wearing, pay attention to what your climate is like in your area, and ask the local people what styles are forbidden by the school boards before you buy your supply.

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