Wholesale dress suppliers provide dresses to stores at reduced prices so the store can mark the dress up, make a profit, and still keep the items affordable. Any dress shop can buy from these wholesale suppliers, but you may need to provide them with your EIN number, or your sales tax number. Not all businesses that sell wholesale prom dresses will sell individual prom dresses to the public.

Look to the Stars

When you are shopping for wholesale prom dresses, you get a cheaper price per item when you buy larger quantities. In order to buy large quantities of merchandise that you are certain will sell look at the dresses the stars wear when they walk the red carpet.

Miranda Lambert made an incredible statement at the 2014 Grammy’s in a long red gown that was cut low in the front, sleeveless and form fitting.

At the Met Gala Kim Kardashian set a trend in a navy blue form fitting, floor length gown that had black accents. The dress was strapless, flirtatious and classic. You will definitely see girls who want to replicate this look this year.


Know your Local School Dress Codes

The dress codes for each school district are different. The schools may be in towns that are less than thirty minutes apart, but their dress codes may be very different. Some schools do not allow the girls to wear strapless garments, and some have a fingertip length rule that states the dress must reach longer than the middle finger of the child when their arm is outstretched along their leg.

Go to the schools and get copies of their prom dress codes. Then you will be able to buy items that you know the local girls will be allowed to wear.

Buy in Bulk

The more items that you buy from wholesale suppliers the less you pay per item. That means that you save money on the purchase of the dress which can increase your profits, and can allow you to lower your prices and attract more shoppers to your store.

Buy as many of each style of dress as you can possibly display, and if you have some storage room, you will be able to buy even more gowns.

Stick with the Timeless Styles

When you are buying wholesale prom dresses in bulk, it is best if you stick with the classic styles that have been proven to be good sellers for many years. The Cinderella style gowns, the tight fitting dresses like the one wore by Jessica in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, and styles you would see in the old black and white films are always safe bets.

Buy a few of the newer styles, and see how well they sell in your area before you fill your store room with them. A bargain price is not any good to you if you cannot sell the dress.

Buying wholesale prom dresses for the upcoming season will be easier if you watch the awards shows, and pay attention to what the people in your area are trending.

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