Most women look at the stunning gowns they see the celebrities wearing to the red carpet events and they dream of wearing gowns that lovely to their formal events. Many prom dresses are fashioned after the styles the celebrities are wearing.

The Marchesa original worn by Karolina Kurkova at the Met Gala is a perfect example of celebrity attire that is quickly copied. The price of a Marchesa original is far more than most people can afford to pay, but there are designers, and manufacturers, that can replicate this look with a similar dress, creating cheap prom dresses that look like the fashion original.


Get a Great Look at a Great Price

Cheap prom dresses can allow you to send your child to the formal dance looking like a celebrity off of the red carpet without making your bank account look like an empty cracker barrel. You get the look the rich and famous can afford, at a price the average person can afford.

New Dresses for every Occasion

When you buy cheap prom dresses, you can afford to buy a new dress for each formal occasion the girl has. If you pay hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for a dress then you cannot afford to buy two or three of them per year. You get to put more dresses in your closet when you shop for the less expensive brands.

Watch Out for Poor Quality Materials

Many of the dress designers that make cheap prom dresses use a poor quality material to sew the garment out of. The poor quality material tears easily, snags, and does not stay true to form. When you are buying cheap prom dresses make certain that the material used to create the garment is of a high enough quality to provide you with a nice dress.

Cheaper materials will often have colors that bleed from the slightest amount of moisture. You might take the dress off to discover that the fabric bled on your skin from your body moisture.

Cheaper materials often seem to snag, or get runs in them quicker than higher quality materials do. You can often run your hand over high quality material and feel the smoothness of the fabric. That smoothness is created by threads that are woven securely. If the fabric feels slightly rough, it might be an indication that it is made up of loosely woven threads.

Poor Craftsmanship

You have to look the garment over carefully to determine if it was thrown together with poor craftsmanship, or if it was assembled by professional seamstresses that took pride in their work. You can have the finest materials known to man, and if the seamstress does not do their best work, you will have a poor quality dress.

Examine the seams for puckering, and for the spacing between the threads. Gently pull at the seams to make certain they are going to hold when they are put under the stress of being worn.

We all want to save money anywhere we can, and buying cheap prom dresses might be a way for a person to save some money. You have to weigh the savings you get, against the quality of the item, your limited selection, and the happiness you feel about the garment.


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