If you watched the styles being worn to the award ceremonies like the Met Gala this year, you noticed that eight out of ten celebrities wore floor length dresses. Michelle Williams did grace the red carpet of the Met Gala wearing a knee length garment, and there were a couple of other stars that showed up wearing dresses that were not floor length, but for the most part the dresses were not only long, they had been flowing trains behind them.



In the past couple of years, you saw an increase in short prom dresses because the red carpet fashions worn by the celebrities were shorter, and more daring. Girls like to wear prom dresses that resemble the garments worn by their favorite celebrities, so when Katy Perry shows up wearing a short dress then you can expect the length of prom dresses to be influenced by this.

Star Gazing

Watching celebrities of stage, film, and their favorite musicians, is one way that young girls start to develop their sense of style. The girl’s watches these celebrities and they try to dress like them when they get the opportunity to do so.

For many girls, the only time they see anyone wearing forma evening attire is hen their favorite celebrities are shown wearing them, or when they watch pageants like Miss America. Girls base the length of the prom dresses they buy on the length of the dresses they have seen stars wearing.

Peer Influence

Peer pressure helps to dictate the length of evening gowns as well. If a girl feels that her legs are not as beautiful as the legs of others because she has been teased, she will be less likely to wear short prom dresses and formals to events like the prom. She will wear full skirts that hide as much of her legs as possible.

The teasing remarks of other children often cause girls to develop negative body images, and these negative body images are so deeply rooted that the girls use them to determine all things about their lives.


The location that the girl lives in plays a big role in the length of her evening gown. Girls in southern states that have high humidity factors often wear dresses that are shorter than those worn by girls in the northern regions of the country.

Upbringing and Parental Influence

You may not believe it, but the length of the gown that a girl chooses will be strongly influenced by the way her parents feel about short prom dresses, and long prom dresses. Girls do want to please their parents whenever they can, and the length of a skirt is an easy way to make parents happy without giving up to much of their individuality.

The popularity of short prom dresses, and long prom dresses changes every year. The girls are influenced by their favorite stars, their parents, their religions, and their locations. It is generally believed that when it comes to formal wear, a girl looks best in something that she feels comfortable in.

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