When a girl goes to the prom, she wants to look like a princess. Most girls look to their favorite film, and musical stars for princesses to copy when they are buying their formal gowns. Finding prom dresses under $100 that look like the gowns worn by the rich and famous to the red carpet events is possible.

Look closely at the gowns the celebrities wore, and then try to find ones that are cut in a similar fashion. Your outfit may be slightly different, but you can come close to whatever the stars were wearing.

Katie Holmes at the Met Gala

Katie Holmes wore a floor length yellow gown designed by Marchesa to the Met Gala. The gown was strapless and full of the bodice so that it made her bust to appear even larger than it really is. In order to get a style that looks like this one you will have to find a dress that has the extreme ruffles, or layers of material, at the top of the bodice.



Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped onto the red carpet in a Cinderella inspired black and white gown that wowed everyone that saw it. The gown was striking, and left an impression of wonderment on the minds of those that saw it.

This is one of the easiest looks to copy because the Cinderella style gowns have been in existence for many years, and they are readily available from almost all formal dress designers. The type of fabric that is used to make the full length ensemble will help to keep the cost of the prom dresses under $100.



Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez looked elegant in her eggplant colored floor length dress. The gown fit snugly against her figure, but was not so tight that is appeared constricting. This is an easy look for you to recreate using prom dresses under $100 because it can be done with a simple low cut, sleeveless gown, that fits snugly until it reaches the ankle, and then flares.



Pay attention to the trimmings

If the favorite celebrity was wearing a garment that had tons of ruffles and lace, then the ruffles and the lace trimmings are the key elements that are going to make people think of their dress. Pay attention to the details of the trimmings, and the patterns on the fabrics that the stars chose so that your outfit will look more like theirs.

The length of the dresses matter a lot as well. If you want to look exactly like the movie star, you are emulating then you want your dress hem to strike you in the exact same position that theirs struck them. To get the proper length you will need to have on the shoes you are going to wear to the event on the day you go for the dress fitting.

Finding prom dresses under $100 is the goal of many parents this year because the cost of all of the other prom accessories has gone drastically up. Copying looks worn by the stars will keep people from realizing that the dress may not be a designer original.


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