Every mother of a girl knows that the day will come when they will have to go with their daughter and shop for prom dresses, and formals. This is a wonderful bonding moment for mother and daughter that can also be stressful, and strained.

Pre-Shop and Discuss Guidelines

Before you head out to the mall to start to shop for a dress, it is suggested that the two of you talk about some of the things you would like to see in the garment. Discuss the lengths you like, whether strapless is okay and the fabrics and colors you like the most.

Go online and browse some of the many prom dresses at the online merchants to get some idea of what you like, and what you do not. This will allow you to establish boundaries before the moment of the shopping excursion so your daughter will not be surprised if she selects something and you veto it.

Be Willing to Compromise

As beautiful as Kendall Jenner was at the 2014 Met Gala wearing the Topshop original that hugged her body from bosom to knees, most of us would rather not see our teenage daughters wearing something so form fitting. We like to think of our little girls, as innocent little girls, with no hint of sexuality.


As parents, we want to see them attend the prom dresses like Cinderella from the animated Disney movie, but our daughters have developed minds, opinions and their own sense of style by the time they attend the prom, so we are faced with helping them choose prom dresses that they like and we can tolerate.

You are going to have to allow your daughter to select the garments she loves. Let her choose more than one garment, and then narrow them down according to what you are willing to allow and what you simply cannot tolerate. If the showing of cleavage is distasteful to you, and short dresses are distasteful to you, then you might have to choose the lesser of the two evils and allow the child to either show cleavage, or wear a shorter dress.

Make a Budget

Tell the girl what her spending limit is on the dress, the shoes and the accessories before you start to shop. This will help you avoid disappointments, and help you avoid spending more than you should  make her happy. If she chooses prom dresses that cost more than you had expected to spend, then tell her the extra funds will have to come out of her shoe money, or accessory money.

Be Patient

This is a very special time for a girl and you need to patiently allow her to shop. Let her try on a few of the really expensive dresses, and gently suggest the less expensive. Every girl should be able to say that she at least had a one thousand dollar dress on at one time in her life, even if that is not the dress she is going to buy.

Remember that you have some say so in the final decision, but ultimately this is her night, her gown, and her dream. You are the fairy god-mother that is there to make the dream come true.

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