Every year when the end of the school year draws near girls all over the country start to have the discussions on whether to wear short prom dresses or floor length gowns. The debates over whether short prom dresses are actually something that can be classified as a formal gown happens repeatedly.

Short dresses Worn on Red Carpets

Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra have made the shorter skirts on red carpet dresses very popular. These young Hollywood beauties have taken the formal gown and brought it successfully above the knee showing plenty of their thighs, and yet they still remain tasteful and appropriately dressed for the occasions.


You will notice that the actresses and celebrities that dare to wear the shorter styles are the younger women. That is simply because younger women have more confidence in their own appearance, and they do not mind if the entire world sees their beautiful legs.

Long Dresses Worn on Red Carpets

Long gowns like the one worn by Jessica Alba at the 2014 Met Gala are designed so that no matter what your figure style is, you will look amazing in the dress. This dress was designed by Tommy Hilfiger, and although Jessica Alba has no figure flaws to hide, if a girl did have a feature, she wanted to play down this would be the dress to do it in.

Reasons to Wear Short Dresses

There are many different reasons why a girl might choose to wear a shorter dress as her prom dress. The main reason why a girl chooses short prom dresses over long prom dresses is personal preference, but the following are commonly stated as being what influenced the choice.

  • They saw a celebrity they liked wearing a short gown
  • The shorter gown was more affordable
  • They thought the shorter dress did not look as “stuffy” as the longer versions
  • They thought the shorter dress would be more comfortable and easier to move in
  • They thought the shorter dress would be cooler
  • Their friends were wearing shorter gowns
  • They thought the longer dresses might cause them to trip or fall

Reasons to Wear Long Dresses

Besides personal preferences the following reasons are commonly given for why a girl has chosen a long gown over a short one.

  • The long gown looks more formal
  • They have seen actresses wearing similar styles
  • They do not like the way their legs look and they are hiding them with the skirt
  • They thought the longer gown would be warmer
  • Their friends were wearing floor length gowns
  • The local shops have more floor length selections than short selections
  • They did not want to have to worry about showing their underwear when they danced, sat, or bent over, their mothers wanted them to wear a floor length formal
  • The school they attend does not allow the short prom dresses to be worn

Short prom dresses are no better, or no worse, than floor length gowns. The majority of women only have a few occasions in their lives when they get to wear formal evening wear. You should choose the length according to what you like and not be concerned about fashion, style, or what someone else might say. You might just start a trend in your town.

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