Buying prom dresses online can allow you to have the opportunity to buy prom dresses under $100 where buying the same dress in the mall would cost $500 or more. The monetary saving is not that great when the dress arrives and looks nothing like you thought it would, or when it simply does not fit. With a few precautions, you can buy prom dresses online and still get something you love.

Consider the style of the dress

The red gown worn by Lake Bell to the Met Gala was tasteful, beautiful, and something that has to fit precisely or it would look dreadful. The peach ensemble worn by Solange Knowles to the Met Gala is more forgiving, and can be worn successfully even if the dress is not custom designed to your body.


Consider the shape of your body when you are shopping. Look at pictures of celebrities that have the same basic body shape that you have and try to select styles that look good on them when you shop for your own gown.

Take accurate measurements

You are going to need to take accurate measurements so that you get a gown that fits you correctly. You need a soft tape measure, and a friend to help you get the measurements.

For the length, you will want to start at the shoulder near the neck and measure down the front, across the breast and down to the place you want the hem to touch. Next you will want to take a measurement from the center of the back, just below your nape and take the measuring tape to the position you want your dress hem to be at. Then measure your side length from just below the underarm to the position you want the hem to reach.

For proper widths, you will need to get a measurement around the largest section of your bust, one around your waist, and one around your hips. These three measurements will tell you an accurate width.

Pay attention to the return policy

Make sure that the store you are shopping with has a return policy that you agree with. You may have to send the dress back, so make sure that you can do so if you need to. Some stores allow returns for only a short period of time, so read their policy carefully before ordering.

Pay attention to shipping charges

You will find that some places charge very little for their merchandise, but they charge a LOT of money for shipping the item to you. Pay close attention to the amount you will have to pay for shipping when you are placing the order.

You also want to make sure that they will send you a tracking number for the package so that you can track the garment and determine when it should arrive at your home.

International packages take a longer time to arrive through the mail so take this into consideration and make sure you have plenty of time before you need the garment.

Secure Payments

Whenever possible use PayPal to make payments for online purchases so that you do not have to give your financial information out to a lot of different sites. You can also get a pre-paid debit card and make the purchase using it so that no one can steal your identity, or your financial information.

Buying online is a way to save money, but the buyer beware factor of shopping should always be on your mind. Read the policies of the store, and read the customer reviews to determine if other shoppers are generally happy with the things they buy from this store.

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