8 things every girl this summer

Make this summer just as colorful and thrilling as you have always wanted! This is the time to live your life to the fullest enjoying the company of happy and sunburnt people around you, fresh and juicy fruits, stunning flowers and the brightest colors.

Here’s what to do to make this summer a season to remember.

1. Buy a dress of your dreams

Chanel, eat your heart out! Reward yourself with a beautiful and elegant dress you’ve been dying to buy for ages: What better time to enjoy yourself than a warm and sunny summertime?

And not just that! Go to the party and impress everyone with your fabulous look.

2. Get up early

Early mornings have so much to offer. Poke outside the window to enjoy the view of empty streets and rising sun while the whole city is still asleep. In these rare minutes of quiet and joy, imagine yourself a resident of a luxury hotel or a hero from your favorite movie.

3. Sell your stuff

Get rid of unnecessary items that have been piling up for years and fill your home with new things you actually love looking at. eBay, Craigslist and social media are great places to list your stuff. Declutter your space to let in more air!

4. Rise high

Meet the dawn on the roof of a high-rise building. This list would not be complete without this item. Try it – it feels amazing.

5. Enjoy the rain

Throw away your umbrella when caught up in a warm summer rain. Follow the footsteps of the happy people: let all the clothes soak wet and passers-by smiling at you. And if you manage to take a few beautiful photos in the rain, you’ll enjoy them long after.

6. Explore your city

Travelling abroad is not always the option but you can surely discover loads of new things and locations in your own city. Visit city neighborhoods you’ve never been to before and you’ll be amazed at how much they have to offer.

7. Learn something new

Broaden new horizons and enrich your worldview with new knowledge. Learn one thing you’ve always found interesting and appealing. Whether it’s a game of poker, cycling or playing the guitar, give it a try.

8. Get outside more often

It’s easy to get used to staying at home in the hustle and bustle of daily routine. But this summer, promise yourself to get outside more often to fully appreciate the beautiful summer landscapes and weather. Leave long evenings in front of a TV show for the winter.

Even the simplest things can make your summer unforgettable as long as you genuinely enjoy them. In short, do more what you like best!

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