How to Choose the Perfect Dress of Your Dreams

How to choose Perfect dress

It’s easy to look beautiful and elegant in 2018 if you know the latest dress trends. Look no further – we’ve put together essential facts you need to know. Whether you’re looking for an evening dress, prom dress or special occasion dress, these tips will come in handy.

High waist

A high waisted dress is drawing all eyes on it. Not only it will make you look slimmer and higher, such dress is also perfect for creating a stylish urban image. High waisted dresses can be combined with flat shoes to create a nice and touching look.

Classic V

Deep classic V-shaped neckline is just as popular as ever. No other design makes a better job of emphasizing the beauty of the chest and shoulder lines.

Dresses à la Dior

Timeless Dior fashion never fails. Outfits following its footsteps can be chosen even for the everyday look but only if sophistication and elegance is a priority for you.

Remember about bows

In 2018, bows are making a big and loud return. Designers use bows in a variety of ways: as a belt or a neckline or sleeve decoration. Bow creates a feminine and playful look. A small retro bow combined with modern accessories will be a great success.

Black, white and red – all-time classics

Black and white dresses are always fashionable and to the point. You can combine them in various ways but a beautiful and elegant look is guaranteed.

The same goes for red, an all-time favorite. In 2018, you can combine red with any other colors including beige, milky white, gray, black or blue. It’s a good idea to avoid bright accessories as they will clutter the overall look. Red color in itself makes a great job attracting attention.

Additionally, designers recommend to choose orange outfits in the summer of 2018. Orange is considered a universal color and can emphasize the beauty of tanned skin.

As for the 2018 color trends, talented fashion designers tend to use noble shades. For example, noble colors such as turquoise, mustard, khaki, olive and wine red are particularly popular.

The best prints

2018 is open to all sorts of creative and classic prints: floral prints, modern and classic embroidery, geometric patterns, small abstract patterns, traditional prints such as striped and plaid fabrics. You will have plenty to choose from!

There you go – key fashion trends to keep in mind this summer and always look your best!

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