Most Horrible Bridesmaid Dresses

Loaded with sequins, growling with glitter or simply out of place, the chances of bridesmaid dresses going haywire are very high. Since all the attention at a wedding is captured by the bride and how gorgeous her dress is going to be like, ever so often it happens that bridesmaids’ dresses are completely neglected. And what’s worse? When the expense on the bride’s dress skyrockets and you must buy cheap bridesmaids dresses to compensate! In this little case of fury and confusion, the outcome often goes berserk.

For your entertainment (as well as a key watch-out if you are a bridesmaid at someone’s wedding soon), we have jotted some of the most horrible bridesmaid dresses in history,

  1. Is this a sofa print or a dress?

Especially when you have 5 different women wearing the same thing! While we understand weddings can take a toll on anyone’s pockets, it does not seem like a good idea to save up a few hundred dollars and look all the same! Perhaps, in those days it was a beautiful idea to wear heavily floral printed dresses along with hats that match the attire! But if we look at it in retrospect, perhaps this was not a very tasteful choice.


  1. Where are the others?

Back in the ‘90s, a movie called ‘101 Dalmatian’s’ became very popular with the crowd. However, when you shop for a wedding, you don’t necessarily just go to a bridesmaid dress shop near me, you would like to stroll around the main markets of the city and find something pretty? Well, guess what? Sometime movie inspirations can take a funny toll and this is exactly what might have happened here! Who said there is no such thing like too much inspiration?


  1. When did Aluminum Foil turn so gold?

Imagine 8 people walking around wearing bright, golden foil wrapped around their bodies, reflecting every single light shone at that them? That light bounces off to your eyes and imagine what you see? A golden foil girl dressed in super glee! This is what happens when you don’t shop for bridesmaid dresses at good places such as


  1. Do Mermaids really exist?

Well, yes, they do! At this wedding scene from a movie! This dress manages to establish another league of extraordinary women who dare to look like mermaids at their best friend’s wedding! Super fitted at the top and flaring with net at the bottom, this bottle green dress looks nothing short of an imitation of little mermaid. Perhaps, being a bridesmaid means fulfilling your childhood dreams too? 

  1. Do you spike?

To top our charts of the worst bridesmaid dresses of all time, we have an inspiration which looks like no other! Perhaps someone wanted to buy cheap bridesmaid dresses, but don’t we have simpler options available like a pure silk gown with nothing on it? While there is utmost respect for different tastes and choices, the philosophy behind this one is unfathomable.

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