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The ever-changing fashion trends have leaded the millennial to redefine the dress codes for various occasions. As the life is more busy and tough in the modern high-tech age, people have the tendencies to adopt the casual fashion trends and wear them with such an elegant personal style that they can step out of gym to the streets and in street style to the office.  The terms business casual and smart casual attire reflect the contemporary fashion trends that make life easier and stylish too but to many they are very tricky dress codes to follow. If you want to refresh your wardrobe with latest casual fall outfit ideas, have a look at alwaysprom

What Does it Mean?

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If you get an invitation with the dress code mentioned as ‘Smart Casual’, there are certain rules that you must bear in mind while dressing up for the occasion. You must be able to maintain a balance between too casual outfits and exclusively formal clothing items. That means you can never team up a tee shirt with the dress pant, tennis shoes with the dress pant and blazer or camisole with a formal midi skirt. The key concept is to pair the clothing items which are polished yet relaxed attire and wearing them in such a way that you look dressed up with elegance. The colors combinations should also be picked very carefully that you don’t make it all too flashy but do add a pop of color into it. Same concept goes with the jewelry style, as you can skip some of the jewelry items but can be bold enough to add a statement piece in the form of necklace or earring. If you are looking for casual fall outfits you can have a look at alwaysprom to get all that’s trendy and hot.

What is the Difference between Business Casual and Smart Casual Attire?

Many can find the both terms quite confusing but remember that business casual outfits are closer to the conservative formal clothing style, while being smart casual means wearing semi formal outfit which is fashion forward too. This means you can opt to dress up with the versatility and sophistication to step up from ordinary business casual.

Why You Need Smart Casual Attire





You may be needed to follow this dress code for attending semi formal occasions such as office dinners, prom, weddings, work functions graduation celebrations and many more.  In all such occasions you need to look elegant and in-the-norms but with the flexibility for the personal taste. The alwaysprom has all the fabulous and trendy casual fall outfits that can help you in styling for the smart casual occasion. Here are some stunning ideas for creating your own smart casual style.
Get a gorgeous sleeveless casual midi dress in basic color and delicate fabric, team it up with statement earrings and platform heel.


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