An Increased Interest in Cheap Prom Dresses

There are a lot of girls that will wear a replica of the dress by Carolina Herrera that Emmy Rossum wore to the Met Gala this year. The dress was stunning, it fit beautifully, and it was a design that was quickly copied by manufacturers of less expensive prom dresses, because the economy has doubled the interest in cheap prom dresses.




On a Budget

There are more and more individuals who are living on a budget than there ever was before. Jobs are harder to find, and the cost of living is on a steady increase. The average person is finding that they can no longer shop without looking at price tags, and this has caused an increase in the number of cheap prom dresses that are being created.

Parents know that their children will want to attend the prom at the end of their junior and senior years in high school. These formal dances are a rite of passage that every child deserves to participate in. The problem is that the cost of going to the prom has increased dramatically over the last two decades.

Increased Cost of Going to the Prom

The tickets to the prom were once only a couple of dollars per couple, but today many schools charge as much as $100 per couple for the dance tickets. That is partially due to the fact that many schools now hold this formal dance at high end hotels instead of in the gymnasiums of the school.

The accessories to wear to the prom, such as shoes, undergarments, clothing, and corsages have increased in price. Once girls did their own nails before the big dance, and now they generally go to a nail salon and get manicures, and pedicures before the event.

A Financial Consciousness

Even the individual that does not have to live on a strict budget do seem to have a new awareness of the cost of things, and they are taking more opportunities to pay less for items. At one time, the high end fashion designers were sought after by the rich, and the not so rich, but now you have more to brag about if you have a dress that looks like it cost thousands, but really cost a fraction of that amount.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has shown the world that things can be purchased at lower prices than what they sell for in the brick and mortar stores. As people start to see the savings, they get when they engage in online shopping, and the convenience associated with this style of shopping, then they started doing more of it.

The more money that people save, the more money they wish to save. This craving for bigger savings has caused people to look harder to find cheap prom dresses, and prom dresses under $100. It has become a challenge for many people. The better the price they find the more bragging rights they have among their friends.

All across the United States people are seeing the benefits of saving some money by buying a few things that are less expensive. Cheap prom dresses allow the individual to have more money to spend on other items.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cheap Prom Dresses

Most women look at the stunning gowns they see the celebrities wearing to the red carpet events and they dream of wearing gowns that lovely to their formal events. Many prom dresses are fashioned after the styles the celebrities are wearing.

The Marchesa original worn by Karolina Kurkova at the Met Gala is a perfect example of celebrity attire that is quickly copied. The price of a Marchesa original is far more than most people can afford to pay, but there are designers, and manufacturers, that can replicate this look with a similar dress, creating cheap prom dresses that look like the fashion original.


Get a Great Look at a Great Price

Cheap prom dresses can allow you to send your child to the formal dance looking like a celebrity off of the red carpet without making your bank account look like an empty cracker barrel. You get the look the rich and famous can afford, at a price the average person can afford.

New Dresses for every Occasion

When you buy cheap prom dresses, you can afford to buy a new dress for each formal occasion the girl has. If you pay hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for a dress then you cannot afford to buy two or three of them per year. You get to put more dresses in your closet when you shop for the less expensive brands.

Watch Out for Poor Quality Materials

Many of the dress designers that make cheap prom dresses use a poor quality material to sew the garment out of. The poor quality material tears easily, snags, and does not stay true to form. When you are buying cheap prom dresses make certain that the material used to create the garment is of a high enough quality to provide you with a nice dress.

Cheaper materials will often have colors that bleed from the slightest amount of moisture. You might take the dress off to discover that the fabric bled on your skin from your body moisture.

Cheaper materials often seem to snag, or get runs in them quicker than higher quality materials do. You can often run your hand over high quality material and feel the smoothness of the fabric. That smoothness is created by threads that are woven securely. If the fabric feels slightly rough, it might be an indication that it is made up of loosely woven threads.

Poor Craftsmanship

You have to look the garment over carefully to determine if it was thrown together with poor craftsmanship, or if it was assembled by professional seamstresses that took pride in their work. You can have the finest materials known to man, and if the seamstress does not do their best work, you will have a poor quality dress.

Examine the seams for puckering, and for the spacing between the threads. Gently pull at the seams to make certain they are going to hold when they are put under the stress of being worn.

We all want to save money anywhere we can, and buying cheap prom dresses might be a way for a person to save some money. You have to weigh the savings you get, against the quality of the item, your limited selection, and the happiness you feel about the garment.


Tips on Buying Fashionable Cheap Prom Dresses

As parents, we all want to give our daughters the dress of their dreams to wear to their prom. In reality, most of us cannot afford to buy the dress our daughter’s dream of wearing without finding a source of fashionable cheap prom dresses.

Shop for Classic Styles

Classic looks like the one created by Jennifer Lawrence in the stunning blue gown that she wore to the X-Men: Days of Future Past premiere are a must have for anyone selling cheap prom dresses. You want your store to have prices that people can afford, but you want looks that make the girls forget they are buying cheap prom dresses. This spaghetti strapped dress that fits close to the body, and is the full length, will be the favorite choice of many young women, because it is simply elegant.

The simplicity of the dress makes it possible for designers to re-create the look in many fabrics, which helps them to be able to keep the cost of the dress at a minimum. This will mean that people who are shopping for cheap prom dresses will have a wide range of fabrics, and prices to choose from.

Because these styles are timeless classics some people even shop for these dresses at second hand shops and consignment stores. Many people donate their used classic dresses to the underprivileged youth organizations so that all girls have a chance to have a dress to wear to prom.

Material Quality Counts

When you are buying fashionable cheap prom dresses the biggest concern that you should have is with the quality of the material the garment is manufactured from. Cheap materials will not look as good, and will not last as long. It is much better to pay a slightly higher price, and buy an item made of high quality materials, than it is to buy an item made from cheaper materials.

Shop Online

One way that you can find fashionable cheap prom dresses is to shop at online merchants that carry them. The online merchants have lower overheads and they sell their garments at reduced prices because of this. You will find that online shops may even have the same name brand designer gowns that your local mall's stores have, only the online stores will sell the garments for a lot less money.

Shop at Wholesale Outlets

Wholesale outlet stores sell goods to retail stores at lower prices. Some of these wholesale suppliers will also sell to individuals. The individual prices are higher than those that the stores pay because the items are priced according to the number of items purchased. Not all wholesale suppliers will sell to individuals so you will have to do some looking online to find ones that engage in this practice.

Fashionable cheap prom dresses are available, but you will have to do some looking to find stores that carry the best quality items at the lowest prices. You want to save as much money as possible when buying these garments, but you do not want to sacrifice a good fit, and a good look, for a good price.


Tips on Wholesale Prom Dresses

Wholesale dress suppliers provide dresses to stores at reduced prices so the store can mark the dress up, make a profit, and still keep the items affordable. Any dress shop can buy from these wholesale suppliers, but you may need to provide them with your EIN number, or your sales tax number. Not all businesses that sell wholesale prom dresses will sell individual prom dresses to the public.

Look to the Stars

When you are shopping for wholesale prom dresses, you get a cheaper price per item when you buy larger quantities. In order to buy large quantities of merchandise that you are certain will sell look at the dresses the stars wear when they walk the red carpet.

Miranda Lambert made an incredible statement at the 2014 Grammy’s in a long red gown that was cut low in the front, sleeveless and form fitting.

At the Met Gala Kim Kardashian set a trend in a navy blue form fitting, floor length gown that had black accents. The dress was strapless, flirtatious and classic. You will definitely see girls who want to replicate this look this year.


Know your Local School Dress Codes

The dress codes for each school district are different. The schools may be in towns that are less than thirty minutes apart, but their dress codes may be very different. Some schools do not allow the girls to wear strapless garments, and some have a fingertip length rule that states the dress must reach longer than the middle finger of the child when their arm is outstretched along their leg.

Go to the schools and get copies of their prom dress codes. Then you will be able to buy items that you know the local girls will be allowed to wear.

Buy in Bulk

The more items that you buy from wholesale suppliers the less you pay per item. That means that you save money on the purchase of the dress which can increase your profits, and can allow you to lower your prices and attract more shoppers to your store.

Buy as many of each style of dress as you can possibly display, and if you have some storage room, you will be able to buy even more gowns.

Stick with the Timeless Styles

When you are buying wholesale prom dresses in bulk, it is best if you stick with the classic styles that have been proven to be good sellers for many years. The Cinderella style gowns, the tight fitting dresses like the one wore by Jessica in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, and styles you would see in the old black and white films are always safe bets.

Buy a few of the newer styles, and see how well they sell in your area before you fill your store room with them. A bargain price is not any good to you if you cannot sell the dress.

Buying wholesale prom dresses for the upcoming season will be easier if you watch the awards shows, and pay attention to what the people in your area are trending.

Is it Possible to Buy Prom Dresses under $100?

The classic strapless black and white ensemble by Oscar De La Renta that Sarah Jessica Parker donned for the Met Gala is a fabulous formal look for proms, weddings, and all other black tie events. The black bodice is form fitting with a full skirt that reaches the floor. The dress is very appropriate for younger girls because it is not extremely revealing, and by altering the length of the skirt a girl can make the outfit look more original, and yet still keep the style.


The real question on the lips of a large number of people are, whether or not they can get prom dresses under $100 that have some semblance of style like the one worn by Miss Parker. The answer is yes, and there are actually several different places you can shop to find prom dresses under $100.

Outlet Malls

Outlet malls usually carry items that are from the name brand stores like the ones in the malls. The name brand stores purchase their garments in large quantities, which mean they pay less per piece. When they do not sell all of the garments by a certain time period, they sell them off to the outlet malls at greatly reduced prices.

The real problem with the outlet malls is that they will usually have last year’s styles instead of the latest fashion trends. All girls want to wear the latest in fashion, so when you are buying from outlet malls make sure you are buying classic styles that are seen every year at the formal events.

Online Shops

Online clothing retailers have lower overhead costs so their garments are priced lower than the ones you see at the local malls. You can buy the same fashion styles that the shops in the mall are selling for as little as one half, or one third, the cost. You can even find some of the same designer brands being offered from these online retail establishments.

The problem with buying online is that you will have to do your own alterations to assure a perfect fit. Most dress shops in the local malls have professional seamstresses working for them to alter the gowns, so they fit perfectly. If you have trouble finding clothing that fits correctly you may not want to shop online unless you know a seamstress.

Wholesale Suppliers

You may find wholesale suppliers online, and even in your area that will sell to the general public. These suppliers will usually charge less for each item when you buy larger quantities of the dresses. Individuals will pay higher prices per dress than the retail stores do because individuals will buy single gowns. These are still great places to look for prom dresses under $100.

Remember that prom dresses under $100 do not have to be made of poor quality materials, and they do not have to be outdated styles. You will simply have to apply yourself to find the garments in your area. Use the social media sites to help you locate great deals on these garments, and to help you find local shops that you might not otherwise have ever known about.

Will More People be Wearing Short Prom Dresses this Year?

Each year as dress shops around the country plan for the upcoming prom and formal wear seasons the shop owners are asking the same question, will more people be wearing short prom dresses, or long prom dresses this year.

Stocking your retail shop with affordable styles that are fashionably correct for the upcoming events are often considered to be a stressful time for many shopkeepers. Your selection of gowns from your suppliers will determine the amount of profits you make, and surprisingly, your selections will also influence many of the decisions the girls make about what they are going to wear.

Long Dresses were a hit at the Met Gala this year

The red carpet events have been dominated by long formals this year, and most of the time you can use what the stars are wearing at these events to determine what will be the most popular at local proms, and formal dances.

At the Met Gala Hailee Steinfeld wowed people with a floor length gown that was striking with a white center stripe and black accent sides. The bodice fit close to the body, and the skirt flared out. The look was tantalizing. A version of this amazing gown, with a shorter skirt, will likely be seen at several proms this year. The color combinations that could be applied to make the possibilities of customizing this gown are endless. Parents and school officials will love the fact that the gown is not cut low in the front, so it is modest, demure, and acceptable.



Short Prom Dresses are more popular in warmer states

In the warmer, southern states, the short prom dresses are chosen more frequently than they are in the cooler northern areas. This is due to the weather conditions. The hotter, more humid conditions in areas like Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida make the wearing of shorter, thinner dresses more comfortable.

Many of the girls from the southern states like to take dress styles they see from the red carpet events and shorten them, so they are more comfortable for them to wear.


One thing that you can do is buy the long styled evening gowns that have the capabilities of being shortened. Hire a professional seamstress to shorten your gowns according to the customer preference.

A gown like the one worn by Carrie Brickmore at the Australian Logie awards is perfect because the bodice fits snugly and the skirt flares. Flaring skirts are easier to shorten and still retain a good look to them.

Every shopkeeper has the same problems deciding exactly what merchandise to stock each year. If you choose the right things, your profits will be high, but if you choose the wrong items, you are likely to wind up taking a loss for the year. Pay attention to what the stars are wearing, pay attention to what your climate is like in your area, and ask the local people what styles are forbidden by the school boards before you buy your supply.

Selecting which Wholesale Prom Dresses to Stock

Owning a formal wear shop creates the challenge of stocking your store with merchandise that the people are likely to want to be wearing. You want to have styles, sizes, and colors that are going to sell easily.

The Glamorous Look

You simply must have at least one version of the gown Anne Hathaway wore at the Met Gala in 2014. The stunning, floor length ensemble was a Calvin Klein original, and it is sexy, alluring, tantalizing, and yet it is something that younger women and older women alike can wear. It is strapless, floor length, and slit to the mid-thigh region, with the slit being off-set to one side. It is amazing.

The Floor Length Cinderella Look

The classic Cinderella look that Sarah Jessica Parker sported in a stunning black bodice with stark white skirt, is a must have in any formal shop. Almost every little girl has dreamed of being Cinderella going to the ball, and the style of this dress brings back these fantasies. When a girl goes to prom, she is able to live her fantasy of being Cinderella. Be sure that you have some version of this dress style in your shop.


The Marilyn Monroe Classic

The image of Marilyn Monroe standing poised in her sleeveless dress, with the billowing skirt blowing up, is something that almost every woman can imagine when they think of a short, sexy dress. When a girl is choosing her prom dress style, she uses the images in her mind of the many different dresses she has seen worn by stars, and she chooses dresses that emulate looks she has always thought were seductive, breathtaking, and stunning.

Be sure that you have something in stock that replicates this classic look, because it will never go out of style, and will always be a go-to dress for many people shopping for formal wear.

Know the Local School Dress Codes

When you operate a store that sells formal wear that girls, or guys, may choose to wear to high school proms, and dances, make certain you are aware of the local school dress codes. You can get a copy of any guidelines, or codes that the school has from the school administration office. This will allow you to make certain that you have some styles of gowns that the girls will be able to wear to their event.

You can even post the dress codes in the store, or make a book of them and keep it under the counter, so that parents, and the girls, may refer to the codes from their school when they are shopping. This could save a girl from selecting, and paying for a gown that she will not be able to wear to her dance.

The styles mentioned above are all classic looks that fit in any area, but you will have to do a little research, and find out what is most popular in the area you are in. One way to get some good suggestions is to open a FaceBook or Twitter account and simply ask the public.

Prom dress on a tight budget

Prom nights are special parts of our lives and we need to look special. When thinking about proms people usually think about the money needed to prepare for the event. Having tight budget doesn't mean you will have to go to prom in a second rated dress – not anymore. Thanks to wholesale prom dresses offers that are available on the internet nowadays you can look your best even without spending more than a couple hundred dollars. 

Let’s make a quick check on what can be found in a short prom dresses “department”. Take a look at Marisa Miller

short mini dress from 2009 Grammy Awards. Or you may like what Guliana Rancic had at 54th annual GRAMMY Awards.




If you still think that those two are not what you are looking for then you should take a look at Rihanna's royal blue dress from Verizon & Blackberry Pre-Grammy Party back in 2008. All three of those dresses can make you look gorgeous as they don't require much accessories and can go with almost any pair of shoes you might already have. The best part is that all three also fit in prom dresses under 100 dollars category.

If you are not so fond of short dresses, you can also find some more traditional looking gowns. For example take a look at Padma Lakshmi or Taylor Schilling white prom dresses and also don't forget to check Carrie Preston dress, all three are from 2013 Emmy Awards and all were worn at red carpet arrivals. Those will satisfy any traditional type of taste and they are all gorgeous and will make you feel like Snow white – can you ask for more? As price goes, those don't quite fall in prom dresses under 100 dollars category but will fit any pocket.




If you're still not satisfied with what we have shown you here, let’s check some other styles that may better suit your taste. Are you fond of yellow? Check what Renee Bargh was wearing at 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – you'll need matching shoes and some jewelry with this dress. Or maybe you like more what Claire Danes had at 2012 Emmy Awards, simple yet elegant dress with matching shoes – need we say more? Anna Faris was also wearing yellow at 2013 Emmy Awards – what do you think, can you imagine yourself wearing yellow at the prom? Can you imagine having yellow prom dress for as low as 100 dollars? You should really check prom dresses under 100 dollars offers.





If you still haven't found a dress for you in what was shown here, just keep looking, there are lots of cheap prom dresses on various online sales. You can check under last year’s red carpet selection but also be sure to check what was hot a few years back. As said at the beginning, proms are special and having limit on your spending doesn't mean you shouldn't look special. You will find a perfect dress that will make you look astonishing. Have fun shopping.



How about wearing a black dress for Prom night?

Due to many reasons, a little black dress is always the first choice for many people attending a prom or party. How can we lack of the most favorite black color prom dress on Wholesales Prom Dresses? We have just too many black dresses in different styles to suit your identity and express your character. I am sure you can find a lot of pieces from Prom Dresses under 100 too! Our prom dresses available in long and short, any colors, of course included our favorite black!

Black dress may not be only a simple little black dress. It can bring out a lot of different fashion elements. Most of the time, black color is also suitable for most people regardless of their skin tone. You can choose from a retro style or a modern sexy dress in black from Wholesales dresses.

For the retro style, we have Anne Hathaway in her beautiful yet elegant tea length dress that she wore during the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2013. The black dress not only comes with a retro feeling but it blends in the see-through element at the bottom of the dress. This dress is elegant enough yet fabulous to be worn on a prom night!

On the other hand, Kelly Rowland’s sexy black dress during the Grammy Awards 2013 looked stunning with the unique design. The geometric see-through design dress showing her perfect bodyline made her look so hot! All eyes were on her.

Eva Longoria was showing her beautiful back line with her lace black dress during 70th Annual Golden Globe Award. The lace dress with a big bare back brings out her elegancy together with her hair style and jewelry. It might look simple from the front side, but check it from the back!

Taylors Swift had chosen a fabulous black dress while attending the Brit Awards 2013. The dress comes with a slit from neckline to the mid of her back and sheer at the sides. The gold belt was amazing accessory and it enhanced the dress design a lot.




Black may not necessary be dull. Nicole Kidman walked through the Oscar’s red carpet with her black and gold glittering gown. The glitter result might be something you are looking for when the lights are on you.



Last but not least, a one-shoulder dress with tight high slip by Jennifer Lopez during Grammy Awards was showing almost her whole right leg making us recall her dancing very much. Another plus point for the dress definitely is when she walks. The dress movements made her look sexy while walking.



At, we may not have exactly the same black dress like these celebrities wear, but you can always visit our web store and have a look at the latest black dresses! We offer huge selection of prom dresses and you should be able to find a perfect one for the coming prom!  Don’t forget that a lot of our dresses are offered below $100!


Which type to choose- Backless, toga or deep-V.? At, we have it all!

The prom is coming and you want to be as stunning as possible! That might be your last chance to see some people there and you have to make them remember you! Are you busy looking for a perfect dress? You can simply check dresses to get the desired one! They have the most affordable dresses in various designs and you can find Prom Dresses under $100! You don’t want to miss it, do you? Get it, before it gets into someone else’s hands!

Ever thought of showing a little bit more on the prom night? Check out celebrity choices to guide you through!

Would you want to be a little too sexy like Jennifer Lawrence, our Hunger Game’s warrior? Why not? If you have a smooth back! You want to leave people watching you after you pass by, don’t you? Just imagine you turn around after you passed by and all the eyes are still watching you! The feeling must be cool! Remember to keep a sweet smile on your face when you turn back!


Or you can be like Heidi Klum on 70th Golden Globe, 2013. One shoulder! The design of one shoulder or toga dress always makes women feel like goddess. It can have many options to go with the dress by choosing the fabric as well as the dress’ cutting. A fit-body cutting satin toga dress will give you the same feeling like Heidi Klum. A chiffon toga dress may give you more romantic feeling. A bangle on hand will make it just perfect!


How about a “deep- V”? Of course this can create a really “Wow” from the floor! You can go for extreme style like Miley Cyrus during EMAS 2013 or “super sexy” like Kim Kardashian at Mademoiselle C and Rihanna on American Music Awards. I must say someone needs to be confident enough to be so extreme and hot! But don’t worry, we must at least be sexy once in our life especially on this big day! Let them scream!

If none of these catch your attention, how about just be a little transparent? Gwyneth Paltrow carries it very well during the Iron Man 3 Premiere. You can decide how much you would like to put it see-through and which part. However, it might not be so obvious for the see-through effect with deem lights at prom party! For those just would like to have little sexy but leave some room for imagination, this might suit you well.

No matter which style you like- backless, toga, deep-V or see-through, wholesales dresses just have too many for you to pick! The cheap prom dresses may make you want to have few more proms to go so that you can buy another one! Yes, we know, our wardrobe always lack one! But don’t worry, unbelievable price at will make you buy “one more piece”.