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Types of prom dresses

Prom is one of the most anticipated events for any girl in school. This is the day where she wants to feel beautiful, look well-dressed and leave an ever-lasting impression in her class by standing out from the crowd. And the one thing of utmost importance for the big day is THE DRESS.

While looking for the perfect dress, a girl should wear something that suits best on her body type. Not every dress is made to look good on everyone and understanding your body and which dress is made for you is one of the key factors to look your best.

Here, we have a list of different body types and the kind of dresses made for each:

  1. For the Busty Girl

Black prom dress
For the beauties who are voluptuous from the torso and leaner at their waistlines; you girls have one of the luckiest body types since the options available to you are many. However, it is imperative for you to create a balance in your upper and lower body by choosing a dress that elongates the length of your legs. Another key factor to look gorgeous is to define your waistline with a dress that narrows down at your waist. Also, let your hair loose! Don’t hesitate to buy cheap prom dresses; expensive doesn’t always have to be the best!


  1. For the Apple Shaped
Beige prom dress

Just like the shape of an apple, these beauties are the heaviest at their waist and lower abdomen. This body types makes it very convenient to flaunt anything under the sun since you don’t have to work with getting equal proportions through a dress. All you must do is work towards camouflaging the middle part of your body. This can be achieved ideally with an A-line dress that accentuates your legs. Otherwise, wearing embellishments around your neck will help draw more attention to your upper body!



  1. For The Time-Bomb Hourglass

These beautiful ladies have a perfectly defined waist and their busts & hips are in perfect proportion! The only thing a girl with an hourglass body type needs to do is flaunt something that accentuates the shape of her body and exemplifies it the way it is! A perfect example can be a V-neck which is well-fitted at the busts, tightens at the waist and smoothly flows down the legs! You can play with a huge variety, made just for you, at alwaysprom.com


  1. For the Simple Slender Ones

Cheap black prom dress
You gorgeous girls can play around so much with how you want to look since your bodies are not well-defined on their own. You’re neither busty nor do you have heavier bottoms that need coverage. The only thing you need to do is work on emphasizing your height. You can wear a deep V-neck to elongate your neck, embellishments on your waistline to provide definition to your shape and a bit of a slit in your dress will add the oomph you need at the bottom!


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