Things to Consider when Buying Prom Dresses Online

Buying prom dresses online can allow you to have the opportunity to buy prom dresses under $100 where buying the same dress in the mall would cost $500 or more. The monetary saving is not that great when the dress arrives and looks nothing like you thought it would, or when it simply does not fit. With a few precautions, you can buy prom dresses online and still get something you love.

Consider the style of the dress

The red gown worn by Lake Bell to the Met Gala was tasteful, beautiful, and something that has to fit precisely or it would look dreadful. The peach ensemble worn by Solange Knowles to the Met Gala is more forgiving, and can be worn successfully even if the dress is not custom designed to your body.


Consider the shape of your body when you are shopping. Look at pictures of celebrities that have the same basic body shape that you have and try to select styles that look good on them when you shop for your own gown.

Take accurate measurements

You are going to need to take accurate measurements so that you get a gown that fits you correctly. You need a soft tape measure, and a friend to help you get the measurements.

For the length, you will want to start at the shoulder near the neck and measure down the front, across the breast and down to the place you want the hem to touch. Next you will want to take a measurement from the center of the back, just below your nape and take the measuring tape to the position you want your dress hem to be at. Then measure your side length from just below the underarm to the position you want the hem to reach.

For proper widths, you will need to get a measurement around the largest section of your bust, one around your waist, and one around your hips. These three measurements will tell you an accurate width.

Pay attention to the return policy

Make sure that the store you are shopping with has a return policy that you agree with. You may have to send the dress back, so make sure that you can do so if you need to. Some stores allow returns for only a short period of time, so read their policy carefully before ordering.

Pay attention to shipping charges

You will find that some places charge very little for their merchandise, but they charge a LOT of money for shipping the item to you. Pay close attention to the amount you will have to pay for shipping when you are placing the order.

You also want to make sure that they will send you a tracking number for the package so that you can track the garment and determine when it should arrive at your home.

International packages take a longer time to arrive through the mail so take this into consideration and make sure you have plenty of time before you need the garment.

Secure Payments

Whenever possible use PayPal to make payments for online purchases so that you do not have to give your financial information out to a lot of different sites. You can also get a pre-paid debit card and make the purchase using it so that no one can steal your identity, or your financial information.

Buying online is a way to save money, but the buyer beware factor of shopping should always be on your mind. Read the policies of the store, and read the customer reviews to determine if other shoppers are generally happy with the things they buy from this store.

Buy Prom Dresses that are Inexpensive; not used

Many people are facing the challenges of the new state of the economy. These individuals have daughters, and sons, about to attend formal dances just like the people who are not facing economic hardships have. They want their children to have brand new formal wear to wear to these events, but they wonder whether they will be able to afford such extravagances.

Designer Copies can be affordable

Lena Dunham arrived at the 2014 Met Gala wearing a dress that was shorter in the front than it was in the back. It was simple black material with beautiful floral details from bosom to waist that made her look taller, and thinner. The look is a hit and many designers have made versions of this gown that are inexpensive so that the average person can afford to buy them and wear them as prom dresses.


Shop Online for Big Savings

Online merchants do not have the same amounts of overhead that brick and mortar merchants have. For this reason, you will find that many of the online shops have prom dresses that are a fraction of the cost of the ones in the mall.

By shopping online you can save a lot of money, and this can make it possible for you to buy prom dresses that are of higher quality, or more stylish for your event.

Shop Outlet Malls

Outlet Malls buy their merchandise from the more expensive stores. The more expensive stores often buy too many items at a time because they get a reduction in price when they buy a larger quantity of goods. That means they can sell the dresses for a larger profit. When they have dresses that did not sell to the general public, they sell them to the outlet malls and they still make a profit.

The outlet mall pays slightly more for the garments than the big name store did, but they still can sell them at low prices and make reasonable profits. Many of these garments will be styles from previous years, so you may have to shop for classic styles instead of the latest fashion trends.

Hire Private Seamstresses

You may be able to hire a private seamstress in your home town to make your prom dresses at a cost that is much less than what is being offered at the local formal wear shops. Private seamstresses can often make the gown look just like ones you have seen being worn by celebrities on the red carpet. You should ask the seamstress to show you examples of their work before you decide that this is the way to get your prom dresses at an affordable rate.

Many people are facing financial hardships at this time. It is common for you to want to buy your child new formal wear for their proms instead of having to buy them a used gown. You will find that you can buy a used gown that is in great condition, and with the right accessories, you can make it look new again.

Prom Dresses that Never go Out of Style

Fashion dictates what we wear on a daily basis. There are very few people who have the nerve to wear something that other people are not wearing. We like to say we are individuals and that we do not conform to what others think, but the truth is that when you look at us, we all are wearing similar styles in clothing, hair-cuts, and we drive similar vehicles.

Clothing that fits in any time period

There are very few articles of clothing that can transcend through time. Most things are popular for a short period of time, and then they go out of style. You will often see things come back in style years later, but there are few items that can be worn proudly every year.

Formal wear is one of the exceptions to the style rules. There are tuxedos, and evening gown styles that were being worn in the 20s that still look as good today as they looked then. People are very accepting of the classic evening gown styles because time has proven that these fashions look good on people, they are flattering to different body styles, and they simply look elegant.

Classic Styles Seen on the Red Carpet

The dress worn by Sarah Silverman at the 2014 Met Gala is one of those formal gowns that is timeless, classic, and will never go out of style. The gown is strapless, but could have straps added if necessary. It fits close to the body in a drop waist style, and then the skirt is full and breathtaking. Like Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind” Miss Silverman floated across the carpet. This style of dress will forever be popular, accepted, and in fashion.


You make the Dress; not the other way around

You have probably heard that the clothing makes the man. That old adage has been repeated for many years, but the truth is an article of clothing that looks good on one man will not look good on all men. The person wearing the garment makes the garment look better.

Your selection of prom dresses should be made according to what you like, your body shape, and how you want to be perceived. If you want to be seen as elegant then you should look at some of the classic styles that have been worn through the years by other beautiful women.

The Right Material

The dresses have to be made of the right materials for them to look like the classics. You cannot make a slinky evening gown from denim and expect it to look as good as one made of satin. You have to choose your materials carefully and according to the style of the garment. Not all of us could rip down the curtains like Scarlett did and craft a dress that would be eye-catching.

Prom dresses that are designed with the classic floor length, off the shoulder styles that have proven popular in the past are going to be seen at proms in the large cities and at dances in the small towns as well. There are some items of clothing that every girl should wear at least once in their lives.

Can Prom Dresses under $100 be Fashionable?

Fashion is not dictated by price. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a dress in order to have a garment that is stylish, and fashionable. But, what exactly makes one dress more fashionable than another? That is what you have to consider.

Celebrity Endorsement makes fashions acceptable

When there are red carpets events coming up the designers who make the outrageously priced gowns rush to create formal wear for stars. They often allow the stars to wear the garments free of charge because they know once the celebrity is seen in the ensemble; there will be several other people who want to have an outfit just like it. The celebrities are walking, talking, advertisements, and if they make the dress look good, the designer is going to sell a lot of them.

The Diana Agron dress from the Met Gala was designed by Miu Miu and costs several thousand dollars. It is unique, fashion conscious, and has been replicated by several different designers so that girls could have a version of this look in prom dresses under $100.


The location of the event makes fashion acceptable

Garments that are popular in one area of the country may be seen as tacky in other areas of the country. The location where you will wear the dress must be considered when you are choosing a formal gown.

In large cities garments that show more skin, cleavage, and leg, are more easily acceptable than they are in small country towns in the southern states. Southern girls in small country towns are more likely to wear styles made famous years ago instead of unique or individual looks.

It does not matter whether you are wearing prom dresses under $100 or prom dresses that cost thousands; you need to be conscious of what is acceptable in the area you live in.

Materials Used in the design makes fashions acceptable

The material that is used to make the dress has to be considered when you are deciding if the garment is fashionable or not. At one time, polyester pant suits were the thing to wear, and today most people would not be caught doing yard work in one of these items. Polyester is no longer a fashionable fabric.

Formal wear should be made of rich materials that you would not wear to do every day household chores. They should not be made from cottons, denims, or other every day fabrics. They should be silk, velvet, and other rich fabrics that make you feel as beautiful as they look.

Prom dresses under $100 are usually made from synthetic materials that are created to look like the more expensive silks and satins. The gowns can still be fashionable, they will simply be less expensive to purchase, and easier to care for.

Prom dresses under $100 can be made to look like gowns that cost ten times that amount. The skill of the designer, and the seamstress, are what make these gowns look like the much more expensive versions. No one has to know how much you paid for your dress.

Short Prom Dresses vs Long Prom Dresses

Every year when the end of the school year draws near girls all over the country start to have the discussions on whether to wear short prom dresses or floor length gowns. The debates over whether short prom dresses are actually something that can be classified as a formal gown happens repeatedly.

Short dresses Worn on Red Carpets

Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra have made the shorter skirts on red carpet dresses very popular. These young Hollywood beauties have taken the formal gown and brought it successfully above the knee showing plenty of their thighs, and yet they still remain tasteful and appropriately dressed for the occasions.


You will notice that the actresses and celebrities that dare to wear the shorter styles are the younger women. That is simply because younger women have more confidence in their own appearance, and they do not mind if the entire world sees their beautiful legs.

Long Dresses Worn on Red Carpets

Long gowns like the one worn by Jessica Alba at the 2014 Met Gala are designed so that no matter what your figure style is, you will look amazing in the dress. This dress was designed by Tommy Hilfiger, and although Jessica Alba has no figure flaws to hide, if a girl did have a feature, she wanted to play down this would be the dress to do it in.

Reasons to Wear Short Dresses

There are many different reasons why a girl might choose to wear a shorter dress as her prom dress. The main reason why a girl chooses short prom dresses over long prom dresses is personal preference, but the following are commonly stated as being what influenced the choice.

  • They saw a celebrity they liked wearing a short gown
  • The shorter gown was more affordable
  • They thought the shorter dress did not look as “stuffy” as the longer versions
  • They thought the shorter dress would be more comfortable and easier to move in
  • They thought the shorter dress would be cooler
  • Their friends were wearing shorter gowns
  • They thought the longer dresses might cause them to trip or fall

Reasons to Wear Long Dresses

Besides personal preferences the following reasons are commonly given for why a girl has chosen a long gown over a short one.

  • The long gown looks more formal
  • They have seen actresses wearing similar styles
  • They do not like the way their legs look and they are hiding them with the skirt
  • They thought the longer gown would be warmer
  • Their friends were wearing floor length gowns
  • The local shops have more floor length selections than short selections
  • They did not want to have to worry about showing their underwear when they danced, sat, or bent over, their mothers wanted them to wear a floor length formal
  • The school they attend does not allow the short prom dresses to be worn

Short prom dresses are no better, or no worse, than floor length gowns. The majority of women only have a few occasions in their lives when they get to wear formal evening wear. You should choose the length according to what you like and not be concerned about fashion, style, or what someone else might say. You might just start a trend in your town.

Shopping for Prom Dresses for a Teenage Girl

Every mother of a girl knows that the day will come when they will have to go with their daughter and shop for prom dresses, and formals. This is a wonderful bonding moment for mother and daughter that can also be stressful, and strained.

Pre-Shop and Discuss Guidelines

Before you head out to the mall to start to shop for a dress, it is suggested that the two of you talk about some of the things you would like to see in the garment. Discuss the lengths you like, whether strapless is okay and the fabrics and colors you like the most.

Go online and browse some of the many prom dresses at the online merchants to get some idea of what you like, and what you do not. This will allow you to establish boundaries before the moment of the shopping excursion so your daughter will not be surprised if she selects something and you veto it.

Be Willing to Compromise

As beautiful as Kendall Jenner was at the 2014 Met Gala wearing the Topshop original that hugged her body from bosom to knees, most of us would rather not see our teenage daughters wearing something so form fitting. We like to think of our little girls, as innocent little girls, with no hint of sexuality.


As parents, we want to see them attend the prom dresses like Cinderella from the animated Disney movie, but our daughters have developed minds, opinions and their own sense of style by the time they attend the prom, so we are faced with helping them choose prom dresses that they like and we can tolerate.

You are going to have to allow your daughter to select the garments she loves. Let her choose more than one garment, and then narrow them down according to what you are willing to allow and what you simply cannot tolerate. If the showing of cleavage is distasteful to you, and short dresses are distasteful to you, then you might have to choose the lesser of the two evils and allow the child to either show cleavage, or wear a shorter dress.

Make a Budget

Tell the girl what her spending limit is on the dress, the shoes and the accessories before you start to shop. This will help you avoid disappointments, and help you avoid spending more than you should  make her happy. If she chooses prom dresses that cost more than you had expected to spend, then tell her the extra funds will have to come out of her shoe money, or accessory money.

Be Patient

This is a very special time for a girl and you need to patiently allow her to shop. Let her try on a few of the really expensive dresses, and gently suggest the less expensive. Every girl should be able to say that she at least had a one thousand dollar dress on at one time in her life, even if that is not the dress she is going to buy.

Remember that you have some say so in the final decision, but ultimately this is her night, her gown, and her dream. You are the fairy god-mother that is there to make the dream come true.

Prom Dresses under $100 that Look Like Red Carpet Celebrity Gowns

When a girl goes to the prom, she wants to look like a princess. Most girls look to their favorite film, and musical stars for princesses to copy when they are buying their formal gowns. Finding prom dresses under $100 that look like the gowns worn by the rich and famous to the red carpet events is possible.

Look closely at the gowns the celebrities wore, and then try to find ones that are cut in a similar fashion. Your outfit may be slightly different, but you can come close to whatever the stars were wearing.

Katie Holmes at the Met Gala

Katie Holmes wore a floor length yellow gown designed by Marchesa to the Met Gala. The gown was strapless and full of the bodice so that it made her bust to appear even larger than it really is. In order to get a style that looks like this one you will have to find a dress that has the extreme ruffles, or layers of material, at the top of the bodice.



Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala

Sarah Jessica Parker stepped onto the red carpet in a Cinderella inspired black and white gown that wowed everyone that saw it. The gown was striking, and left an impression of wonderment on the minds of those that saw it.

This is one of the easiest looks to copy because the Cinderella style gowns have been in existence for many years, and they are readily available from almost all formal dress designers. The type of fabric that is used to make the full length ensemble will help to keep the cost of the prom dresses under $100.



Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez looked elegant in her eggplant colored floor length dress. The gown fit snugly against her figure, but was not so tight that is appeared constricting. This is an easy look for you to recreate using prom dresses under $100 because it can be done with a simple low cut, sleeveless gown, that fits snugly until it reaches the ankle, and then flares.



Pay attention to the trimmings

If the favorite celebrity was wearing a garment that had tons of ruffles and lace, then the ruffles and the lace trimmings are the key elements that are going to make people think of their dress. Pay attention to the details of the trimmings, and the patterns on the fabrics that the stars chose so that your outfit will look more like theirs.

The length of the dresses matter a lot as well. If you want to look exactly like the movie star, you are emulating then you want your dress hem to strike you in the exact same position that theirs struck them. To get the proper length you will need to have on the shoes you are going to wear to the event on the day you go for the dress fitting.

Finding prom dresses under $100 is the goal of many parents this year because the cost of all of the other prom accessories has gone drastically up. Copying looks worn by the stars will keep people from realizing that the dress may not be a designer original.


Are Short Prom Dresses more Fashionable than Long Prom Dresses?

If you watched the styles being worn to the award ceremonies like the Met Gala this year, you noticed that eight out of ten celebrities wore floor length dresses. Michelle Williams did grace the red carpet of the Met Gala wearing a knee length garment, and there were a couple of other stars that showed up wearing dresses that were not floor length, but for the most part the dresses were not only long, they had been flowing trains behind them.



In the past couple of years, you saw an increase in short prom dresses because the red carpet fashions worn by the celebrities were shorter, and more daring. Girls like to wear prom dresses that resemble the garments worn by their favorite celebrities, so when Katy Perry shows up wearing a short dress then you can expect the length of prom dresses to be influenced by this.

Star Gazing

Watching celebrities of stage, film, and their favorite musicians, is one way that young girls start to develop their sense of style. The girl’s watches these celebrities and they try to dress like them when they get the opportunity to do so.

For many girls, the only time they see anyone wearing forma evening attire is hen their favorite celebrities are shown wearing them, or when they watch pageants like Miss America. Girls base the length of the prom dresses they buy on the length of the dresses they have seen stars wearing.

Peer Influence

Peer pressure helps to dictate the length of evening gowns as well. If a girl feels that her legs are not as beautiful as the legs of others because she has been teased, she will be less likely to wear short prom dresses and formals to events like the prom. She will wear full skirts that hide as much of her legs as possible.

The teasing remarks of other children often cause girls to develop negative body images, and these negative body images are so deeply rooted that the girls use them to determine all things about their lives.


The location that the girl lives in plays a big role in the length of her evening gown. Girls in southern states that have high humidity factors often wear dresses that are shorter than those worn by girls in the northern regions of the country.

Upbringing and Parental Influence

You may not believe it, but the length of the gown that a girl chooses will be strongly influenced by the way her parents feel about short prom dresses, and long prom dresses. Girls do want to please their parents whenever they can, and the length of a skirt is an easy way to make parents happy without giving up to much of their individuality.

The popularity of short prom dresses, and long prom dresses changes every year. The girls are influenced by their favorite stars, their parents, their religions, and their locations. It is generally believed that when it comes to formal wear, a girl looks best in something that she feels comfortable in.

An Increased Interest in Cheap Prom Dresses

There are a lot of girls that will wear a replica of the dress by Carolina Herrera that Emmy Rossum wore to the Met Gala this year. The dress was stunning, it fit beautifully, and it was a design that was quickly copied by manufacturers of less expensive prom dresses, because the economy has doubled the interest in cheap prom dresses.




On a Budget

There are more and more individuals who are living on a budget than there ever was before. Jobs are harder to find, and the cost of living is on a steady increase. The average person is finding that they can no longer shop without looking at price tags, and this has caused an increase in the number of cheap prom dresses that are being created.

Parents know that their children will want to attend the prom at the end of their junior and senior years in high school. These formal dances are a rite of passage that every child deserves to participate in. The problem is that the cost of going to the prom has increased dramatically over the last two decades.

Increased Cost of Going to the Prom

The tickets to the prom were once only a couple of dollars per couple, but today many schools charge as much as $100 per couple for the dance tickets. That is partially due to the fact that many schools now hold this formal dance at high end hotels instead of in the gymnasiums of the school.

The accessories to wear to the prom, such as shoes, undergarments, clothing, and corsages have increased in price. Once girls did their own nails before the big dance, and now they generally go to a nail salon and get manicures, and pedicures before the event.

A Financial Consciousness

Even the individual that does not have to live on a strict budget do seem to have a new awareness of the cost of things, and they are taking more opportunities to pay less for items. At one time, the high end fashion designers were sought after by the rich, and the not so rich, but now you have more to brag about if you have a dress that looks like it cost thousands, but really cost a fraction of that amount.

Online Shopping

Online shopping has shown the world that things can be purchased at lower prices than what they sell for in the brick and mortar stores. As people start to see the savings, they get when they engage in online shopping, and the convenience associated with this style of shopping, then they started doing more of it.

The more money that people save, the more money they wish to save. This craving for bigger savings has caused people to look harder to find cheap prom dresses, and prom dresses under $100. It has become a challenge for many people. The better the price they find the more bragging rights they have among their friends.

All across the United States people are seeing the benefits of saving some money by buying a few things that are less expensive. Cheap prom dresses allow the individual to have more money to spend on other items.


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cheap Prom Dresses

Most women look at the stunning gowns they see the celebrities wearing to the red carpet events and they dream of wearing gowns that lovely to their formal events. Many prom dresses are fashioned after the styles the celebrities are wearing.

The Marchesa original worn by Karolina Kurkova at the Met Gala is a perfect example of celebrity attire that is quickly copied. The price of a Marchesa original is far more than most people can afford to pay, but there are designers, and manufacturers, that can replicate this look with a similar dress, creating cheap prom dresses that look like the fashion original.


Get a Great Look at a Great Price

Cheap prom dresses can allow you to send your child to the formal dance looking like a celebrity off of the red carpet without making your bank account look like an empty cracker barrel. You get the look the rich and famous can afford, at a price the average person can afford.

New Dresses for every Occasion

When you buy cheap prom dresses, you can afford to buy a new dress for each formal occasion the girl has. If you pay hundreds, or thousands, of dollars for a dress then you cannot afford to buy two or three of them per year. You get to put more dresses in your closet when you shop for the less expensive brands.

Watch Out for Poor Quality Materials

Many of the dress designers that make cheap prom dresses use a poor quality material to sew the garment out of. The poor quality material tears easily, snags, and does not stay true to form. When you are buying cheap prom dresses make certain that the material used to create the garment is of a high enough quality to provide you with a nice dress.

Cheaper materials will often have colors that bleed from the slightest amount of moisture. You might take the dress off to discover that the fabric bled on your skin from your body moisture.

Cheaper materials often seem to snag, or get runs in them quicker than higher quality materials do. You can often run your hand over high quality material and feel the smoothness of the fabric. That smoothness is created by threads that are woven securely. If the fabric feels slightly rough, it might be an indication that it is made up of loosely woven threads.

Poor Craftsmanship

You have to look the garment over carefully to determine if it was thrown together with poor craftsmanship, or if it was assembled by professional seamstresses that took pride in their work. You can have the finest materials known to man, and if the seamstress does not do their best work, you will have a poor quality dress.

Examine the seams for puckering, and for the spacing between the threads. Gently pull at the seams to make certain they are going to hold when they are put under the stress of being worn.

We all want to save money anywhere we can, and buying cheap prom dresses might be a way for a person to save some money. You have to weigh the savings you get, against the quality of the item, your limited selection, and the happiness you feel about the garment.