Shopping for wholesale dresses that fit best for your prom night


Attending Prom night is the dream of every young teen, as they want to look good, stylish and be different from others on that occasion. For that, celebrities are the best examples for common people because they choose best dresses for themselves after consulting their designers. You can also copy one of your favorite celebrities because majority of celebrities’ dresses are easily available at wholesale prom dresses collection. Prom night is the closing chapter of one major part of life and it is filled with happiness, joy and entertainment. You can dress up and celebrate the end of a beautiful part of your life.

In order to discuss our famous celebrities for Prom night, we choose Angelina Jolie because she is the inspiration of many women. At the red carpet fashion show of Oscar award 2014, she wore very stylish and elegant grey color long dress in which she looked astonishing. With transparent sleeves and neck she attracted many looks and good comments. If you find her inspiring then you could wear this dress because it is easily available at wholesale dresses store. Picture Link

Angelina Jolie is well known for her styling and dressing. At Golden Globe awards 2013 she wore pure jet black velvet dress which is artistically stitched. Angelina Jolie carried that dress in an amazing way, there is a long cut in gown due to which one leg is easily visible. This dress is perfect for any Prom night; she looked excellent and mesmerized many people with her charming smile. If this dress is your choice then you can purchase from cheap Prom dresses collection because the copy of this dress is now available. Picture Link

Whatever she puts on, she looks amazing, yes! We are still talking about our famous Hollywood celebrity Angelina Jolie. At Women's hairstyle award function she looked amazing in simple yellow color dress. It has two strips around her shoulder with artistic stitches on the front of fabric. There is not even a single doubt that Angelina Jolie is one of our biggest icons in styling. This dress is quite simple; you can also carry this dress like she did. This dress could easily be available in Prom dresses under 100$ category and could fulfill your desire for looking stylish and gorgeous. Picture Link

Hence it is quite clear that everyone wants to look good at their Prom night event, but very few fulfill their dream. Now this is possible because short prom dresses are easily available in the market, both stylish and affordable too. You can have your best piece of clothing from their stores, and you may also purchase the dresses which celebrity wore at biggest events of their careers online.

No matter where you are and what you want for your Prom night, just choose your inspiration dress and send order to wholesale dresses store because they have huge collection of Prom night dresses. So, do not worry about your special night, you can make your night memorable by having a perfect dress with matching jewelry. Just, don’t forget to put a smile on your face!

Wholesale dresses offers to fit any wallet


When it comes to proms, first thing that pops to our mind is – we have to look astonishing. That is true, but do we have to spend a fortune on prom dress? Some time back this was probably true but today we can just browse wholesale prom dresses offers online and find what we want. Let me show you exactly what you can find.

Instead of spending hours in some shopping mall all you have to do is find one of the sites with prom dresses under 100 offers and make a pick. Take a look at Penelope Cruz white dress she had for 2014 Oscar Awards – elegant, beautiful white dress with a simple black detail, and it doesn't cost a fortune.

You can wear similar dress that will make you a star of the evening just like Penelope was at the Oscar awards. If you don't think that white is going to look good on you, then maybe you should check Jennifer Lawrence orange red dress from 2014 Oscars.

Again, it is a simple dress design, very elegant, single color and also gorgeous. Add some jewelry details like a bracelet or some rich earrings and you will be at your best look. Both models are from this year’s Oscars Awards and you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to have them. All you need to do is make some research and make an effort to find the perfect gown for you.

You don't have to look for this year’s dresses models, there are  wholesale dresses offers with models from a few years back -don't worry, those are still modern and good looking dresses and they can be found even cheaper than you think. Here look at Jennifer Aniston red dress from 2013 Oscars – as those two dresses already mentioned this one is classy, modern and makes every woman the queen of the prom for sure.

You do need a bracelet and earrings that match and you are ready to go. Still not convinced? Well take another look at Shailene Woodley 2012 Critics Choices Awards dress.

You think this is going to look great on you? To be honest, this is probably one of the best dresses available for purchase. It can be worn with no other accessories, it is glamorous, elegant, and it will make you shine on the prom. Simply said – it is beautiful.

Those four dresses I've chosen are just a tip of an iceberg. There are so many models to choose from and I'm certain that you will find something that you always wanted but never thought about buying because of its high price. With so many cheap prom dresses being offered online today, it's more than obvious that all ladies can be the queens of the night. Don't let yourself be held back because you have limited budget, but instead do some checks on your own – you may be surprised with what you can find and will also fit your spending limit.

No need to spend fortune for prom – there are wholesale prom dresses available

You don't get to go to a prom too often, right? You have to look your best, right again. Making a choice for prom night dress isn't always easy. Should you pick black or maybe white? Or maybe something in between? Yes the choice isn't easy at all, it's even harder when you have limited budget. In order to help you a bit we have done some of our own research on some great looking cheap prom dresses.

If you are fond of white color please check out what Charlize Theron was wearing for 2013 Oscar Awards.

This is simple, elegant and really adorable dress for any Snowwhite to wear at the prom. You will need white shoes, some matching jewellery and you are ready to go. You can also find yourself a dress like Amy Adams had at Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2014, gorgeous looking, simple design and jet so beautiful. Nothing beats the white color. You can find both at various prom dresses under 100$ offers all over the internet.

If you think black is your color be sure to check Rachel Smith Black Mermaid Dress  she had at 2014 Oscars Awards

or Penelope Cruz black dress she had worn at 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.


These are totally different from each other but they also speak a lot about ladies – they are beautiful, gorgeous, and sexy.  And both dresses do not require you to have expensive jewellery, as earrings will be enough. As with previous two those also can be found at various cheap prom dresses websites, so be sure to check there.


If you don't “see” yourself wearing any of the above dresses continue looking, you may like Camila Alves dress from 2011 Oscar Party.

It's a bit provocative – but not too much, and it needs no jewelry or any accessories. This dress can be perfect choice for any prom night. Same can be said for Lily Collins 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party dress. Those two are neither black nor white but they still can very much make you the queen of the prom.


Proms are important events of our lives and number one priority for all is to look best. Should you spend a small fortune to look your best? Not necessarily, as you can find amazing clothing for your Prom for a fraction of cost all over internet or some stores in your area.

You may not see yourself in white dress, or maybe the black isn't exactly the color you feel comfortable in when it comes to proms. However, the most important thing is that you choose the dress that will suit you and your budget and you should feel comfortable in it when sitting, dancing, etc. One thing is certain, you can find great dresses at any of the wholesale dresses offers that can be found online today, all you have to do is search for them. So wait no longer, and start your quest!



Cheap ideas for best Prom dresses

All teenagers in this world want to look best at the night of Prom. If you are thinking what Prom means to young people, then you know it is a really special event. Prom is a special night for the praise of anybody's work. It could be award ceremony, farewell party or anything like this. There are lots of people who want to look like their favorite celebrity at Prom night. If you want to look like them, then read this article and go for cheap Prom dresses so that you could look stunning and beautiful.

Oscar is one of the biggest award ceremonies in Hollywood, so every single celebrity wants to be looking good. Naomi Watts has amazing and stylish personality; in Oscar 2014 red carpet she looked amazing in simple white color dress. She wore a collection of Calvin Klein, though it is quite hard to find a dress like this in the collection of wholesale dresses but not mission impossible. You can also purchase the copy of this dress from wholesale collection on internet or stores and look like her at your special Prom.

On the Oscar award red carpet 2013, Naomi Watts was among the well-dressed celebrity in Hollywood. Naomi Watts was also nominated for the best actress that night. She wore a gunmetal grey gown which looked astonishing on her. She carried it with full grace and looked charming. It is hard to carry dresses like this in normal life but you can enjoy for your special occasion. Wholesale Prom dresses are the best way to grab a perfect piece like Naomi Watts wore in Oscar 2013.


At People choice award 2013, Naomi Watts wore a golden black dress. It was back-less, and she looked very elegant in that dress. It has golden shiny top with black long skirt. Dress selection of celebrities are awesome, no one could match them. So if you are not sure what dress you should wear at your Prom night then I think you should copy them by choosing same dress at affordable price via wholesale Prom dresses. 

Every young teen has a dream to shine like a star at their Prom and celebrities are the inspiration for them as far as clothing is concerned. Due to short Prom dresses collection somehow, their problems are solved and they can also enjoy same dresses as celebrity wore at their Prom or any other event. It is cheap, stylish and affordable for common people. If you are thinking that these dresses are included in recent design and might not available in Wholesale Prom dresses collection then you are wrong because it is easily available in Prom dress under 100$ offers so it is affordable for you.

There are several stores that offer same dresses as well other interesting pieces of collections. There are varieties of stores available around you, so get up and start preparing for your Prom night because it is once in a life time and you have to look astonishing. No matter what your budget is just choose your Prom dress under 100$ and that’s it, all done.


Looking your best for prom

When going to prom, you need to look your best. This means having dress, shoes, purse and jewelry all in matching colors and style. Doing this is not always as easy as you might think, but it all starts with choosing a dress first. As it usually turns out to be, this can be the toughest choice you have to make. In order to help you with this, we've taken a look at what has been hot on red carpets in past few months. Don't worry, most of the dresses can be found at wholesale dresses offers almost everywhere and getting them won’t cost you a small fortune. Actually, if you look at the right places, you could buy them for a fraction of cost.

There is really only one rule when picking a dress – make it as simple as you can. Another thing to have in your mind – most of these usually can be found at prom dresses under 100 dollars offers online.

Let’s think about colors. Will red dress suit you or not? Is black your perfect color? Should you consider something else or maybe a combination of colors?

Take a look at what Rihanna had at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Simple light red dress, some jewelry and a smile is a winning combination in this case. Nothing complicated about this dress, it’s elegant and needs no additional accessories.

You may want to consider something like Jennifer Lopez or Catherine Zeta Jones had back in 2011 – don't worry, those dresses never went out of style, they are still modern and will make you queen of the night for sure.




If you're not fan of the red, let's move on. Take a look at some black dresses. Let’s go back to 2013 Grammy Awards once again with Jennifer Lopez, black dress, matching shoes and just a touch of jewelry – modern, elegant, stunning looking.

You can also find some inspiration with this 2009 Catherine Zeta Jones model she had at A Little Night Music opening night, or you might like or you might like Rihanna’s 2009 dress from the NOKIA X6 Launch Party in London. You do need some matching jewelry in these cases but the goal is not to look exactly the same – it's your prom after all.



If you're not fan of red or black, you might want to take a look at something a bit different, well matched color combinations can be perfect choice for prom. Here is Kate Beckinsale dress from 2012 Grammy Awards, a bit of black with white cocktail dress matched with black shoes; simply gorgeous.


All models shown here can be found on various cheap prom dresses websites. They also come in different colors. If you want to look best for your prom – as you certainly should, be sure to do some checking in advance. You might be surprised by the price of last year models and you will definitely be surprised by some offers on models that were hot two or three years back. Remember, these older models are still hot, ask around and have a happy shopping!

Possible ideas for prom dresses under 100

How many times in a life you get the chance to be a part of a prom? Not too many, so you'll want to look your best for the occasion and choosing the right dress may not be as easy as it seems, especially if you are running on a tight budget. If you're all out of ideas let’s borrow some from the people who are used to being in the spotlight - you won't be getting your dress from the same sources but there are places providing cheap prom dresses that look just like the ones worn at the red carpets.

Although she hasn't won this year’s actress Oscar’s award, Sandra Bullock was picked as best dressed actress of the 2014 Oscars awards. It may be hard to find the exact match of her dress by looking at wholesale prom dresses offers, but you just might find something similar to what she has worn on some earlier occasions.


At 2013 People’s Choice Awards, Sandra had nothing more than a blue and black combination corset and a pencil skirt. Just adding stylish shoes and a bracelet made her look gorgeous. It was simple and astonishing at the same time.  You don't have to pick pink shoes if you don't want to really stand out from the rest of the crowd – black will do nicely. Picture link

At 2013 Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, Sandra Bullock came in a really simple but impressive dress. This dress really puts your body lines in front. Small lace detail over the chest, matching shoes and no jewelry required – it really can't be any easier than this. Can you imagine yourself wearing this dress at the prom? 



Another good example of simple and yet astonishing look can be found here. You may think that this dress is way too loose for prom, but the rich red dress pairs perfectly with her black clutch and black pumps. Although red and black can be a tricky color combination to pair correctly, you can look your best just by adding small details such as jewelry – possibly black necklace or some black and shiny bracelet. Be sure not to add too much, simplicity is the key here.



The wholesale dresses store sales may not offer the exact same models or colors but you can certainly find some nice pieces that will fit your particular taste and your budget as well. What you've seen here are just some of the combinations that might suit you and your requirements.


If you are wondering why the 2013 dress models were chosen - it's simple, those and some similar models can be found in stores and won't cost a fortune, so if you are looking for a prom dresses under 100$ the best way to find inspiration and ideas is to look at last year’s hottest clothes worn across the red carpets. You will definitely find a piece after your heart. Happy shopping!